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Effects of aerobic exercise induced oxidative stress on energy regulatory hormones of irisin and nesfatin-1 in healthy females
Aims: Exercise is an important tool to stimulate oxidative stress and metabolic demands. We intended to evaluate impact of aerobic exercise on oxidative stress parameters and their relationships between irisin and nesfatin-1 levels.
Methods: Total of ten healthy sedentary female subjects exercise for a 30 min of aerobic running exercise work intensity corresponded to associated their anaerobic threshold. Venous blood samples were taken before and at the end of the exercise. Serum irisin nesfatin-1 and TAS and TOS levels were analysed using ELISA methods.
Results: Exercise caused increase of irisin (11%) and nesfatin-1 (12%) levels. During exercise a decrease in TAS (-11%) and increased in TOS (29%) levels were observed. There was a significant correlation between changes of irisin and TAS levels (R=-0.67594, p=0.03).
Conclusion: Consequently, exercise induced skeletal muscle activity may cause increase in oxidative stress, irisin and nesfatin-1 levels. Irisin hormone may be a secreted against to increased exercise-induced increased oxidative stress muscle activity.

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