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Case Report
Pulmonary candidiasis presenting as tumor-like shadow
Lung fungal infections are rare and carry a high risk of death in critically ill patients. Further investigations including radiological imaging are needed for differential diagnosis. In this article, we present a patient with a tumor-like shadow on chest X-ray and a mildly necrotic soft tissue mass of 4 cm in the first computed tomography (CT) examination of the thorax, who was therefore prediagnosed with Lung Cancer. Due to the poor general condition of the patient, his family did not accept further examinations for cancer. Approximately 40 days later, the patient was taken to the intensive care unit with the complaint of respiratory distress. The bronchial sample was negative for malignant cells and Candida Tropicalis was detected in cultures. The size of the mass decreased in CT controls after treatment with antifungal agents. We thought that the image on CT was due to Candida Tropicalis infection and regressed with antifungal treatment. In conclusion, we can conclude that pulmonary candidiasis may present with atypical radiological findings. Fungal infections should be kept in mind in the differential diagnosis of lung cancer in cases with confusing mass-like images.

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