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Hairy tongue
Hairy tongue, also known as black hairy tongue, is a non-malignant disorder characterized by the enlargement of the filiform papillae, resulting in a velvety look on the surface of the tongue. The elongated papillae exhibit a range of coloration, spanning from a yellowish white hue to shades of brown to black. The precise cause of this illness remains uncertain; nevertheless, it has been linked to many predisposing factors including extensive tobacco use, inadequate oral hygiene practices, administration of topical or systemic antibiotics, and other related disorders. In this case report, we describe the clinical presentation of a 27-year-old patient who was diagnosed with hairy tongue as a result of antibiotic use. In addition to that, we provide a concise summary of the ailment.

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Volume 4, Issue 2, 2024
Page : 76-77