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Original Article - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

: 144 : 38

Citation : Olgun E, Topçu E, Çetin Ş. Relationship of atherogenic index of plasma with exercise, obesity and biochemical parameters. Kastamonu Med J. 2024;4(2):33-38.

Original Article - Anesthesiology and Reanimation

: 148 : 39

Citation : Soylu NB, Başağan Moğol E, Eker SS, Akesen S, Sezer Soylu H. Evaluation of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the depression, anxiety and stress levels of anesthesiology and reanimation doctors, and their work and social lives. Kastamonu Med J. 2024;4(2):39-44.

Original Article - Intensive Care

: 45 : 36

Citation : Kaş C, Durmuş İskender M, Akın Eroğlu S. Perceptions of intensive care nurses on the concepts of brain death and coma: a metaphor analysis. Kastamonu Med J. 2024;4(2):45-51.

Original Article - Anatomy

: 63 : 32

Citation : Deniz G, Karakurt, N, Özcan H, Acer N. Comparison of detailed brain volume measurements in schizophrenia with healthy individuals. Kastamonu Med J. 2024;4(2):52-61.

Original Article - Algology (Treatment of pain)

: 140 : 28

Citation : Ay M, Erden V. Evaluation of patients presenting with headache to the emergency outpatient clinic. Kastamonu Med J. 2024;4(2):62-67.

Original Article - Algology (Treatment of pain)

: 39 : 31

Citation : Gülen D, Erden V. Assessment of first-time attendees at a pain clinic using a pain inventory tool. Kastamonu Med J. 2024;4(2):68-72.

Case Report - Pulmonary Medicine (Chest Disease)

: 249 : 31

Citation : Işık Ş. A rare case of lipoid pneumonia due to diesel aspiration. Kastamonu Med J. 2024;4(2):73-75.

Clinical Image - Internal Medicine

Hairy tongue

: 54 : 26

Citation : Durak Anşin DM, Kurt İ. Hairy tongue secondary to antibiotic usage. Kastamonu Med J. 2024;4(2):76-77.

: 102 : 62

Citation : Ünal S. Optimizing patient care: rethinking referrals for iron deficiency anemia in internal medicine. Kastamonu Med J. 2024;4(2):78-79.